About Us

The idea of Blind Slat Menders® came to me one day at home. My inspiration was seeing window blind slats that were drooping and connected together with tape. I had an “aha moment” when I realized there had to be a better way. After months of research, testing, and speaking to lots of people who also had broken, cracked or bent blinds, Blind Slat Menders were created. No more time spent restringing. No more frustration trying to glue or tape your slats back together. No more having to pay for a whole new blind. So don’t despair, use Blind Slat Menders for a low cost easy repair!

If you can’t find the answers to your questions in the FAQs, please email us at sales@blindslatmenders.com or call us at 530-5MENDER (530-563-6337) and we’ll be happy to respond. Thank you for your business!

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