1. What if my slats are a different size than the sizes you’ve indicated?

Since the Blind Slat Menders are 1¾” x 1¾” they’ll be too big for blind slats that are smaller than 2”. If your blind slats are larger than 2½” the Blind Slat Menders can still be applied but may not provide the rigidity needed to repair your blind slats properly.

2. Will the sun discolor them?
Blind Slat Menders are made from a material that is resistant to sunlight and should not show any visible discoloring.

3. How thick are they?
Blind Slat Menders are as thin as a credit card, which means you’ll barely see them when applied to your blind slats.

4. What are they made of?
Blind Slat Menders are made from a strong type of plastic material.

5. Can I clean them?
If they need to be cleaned, you can dust them or clean them with standard household cleaning products.

6. Do you have a product warranty?
If correctly applied, based on the enclosed application instructions, your Blind Slat Menders should not break. If for some reason they do break within the first year of use, simply return the broken pieces and we will gladly replace them at no charge.

7. Can I use them to repair broken shutter louvers?
You can also use them to repair wood/faux wood shutter louvers measuring 2” – 2½”.

8. Where can I buy them and what is your Return Policy?
They are currently only available on our web site. Check back periodically as locations are added.